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Carnival 2019 - Shuttle service to Sapucaí Sambódromo



During the Carnival period of 2019 we will be operating in partnership with ALIANÇA, the SHUTTLE SERVICE service to take our tourists to the Sambódromo. These services will work on the days, 01 - Sixth access - 02 / 03- Saturday Access - 03/03-Sunday, 04/03-Monday and 09/03-Saturday Champions. The IDA for the Sambódromo will be in 3 (three) schedules and the RETURN, will be from 23:00 Hours, at the end of each Samba School.


ATTENTION: Travel agents should inform their CLIENTS that the LANDING AND BOARDING at Marquês de Sapucaí will always be in the same place: on the São Sebastião Viaduct - Access: SHOPPING AREA, ramp behind Sector 7 (See in our Website:


Tourists must carry our transport credentials hanging on their breasts to be identified by the guides, both in the Hotel and in the Marquês de Sapucaí. This service is specific for Odd Sectors: 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 and Peers: 2,4,6,8 and 10.


IMPORTANT: On the days of the parades, the Carnival Turismo remains on call until 23:00, by telephone: (21) 2548-4232.


The start time of the parades is at 9:15 pm.


Preferably we recommend to choose the hotels that are marked in YELLOW, because as they are places that receive a great amount of passengers for the shuttle, the transport can be expressed for the Marquês de Sapucaí

Click here

if you prefer to see in PDF or print the list of the shuttle service routes 

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