Parades of the samba schools

Located in Avenida Marquês de Sapucaí, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Professor Darcy Ribeiro Passarela was inaugurated with the official name of "Avenida das Escolas" in 1984, the same year that the schools of the first group started to parade in two nights.


The name of Darcy Ribeiro came on February 18, 1987 in tribute to the main mentor of the work. Also the nickname Sambódromo, as it is popularly known, was shaped by the anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro that united "samba" with the Greek suffix "dromo", that means "place to run".


The project authored by architect Oscar Niemeyer and the space is also used as the stage of several other events.


Sambodrome Marquês de Sapucaí
Parade Access Group - Carioca Carnival 2020


FRIDAY - 21/02

SATURDAY - 22/02

9:15 pm

10:20 pm

11:25 pm

00:30 am

01:35 am

02:40 am

03:40 am

Parade Special Group - Carioca Carnival 2020


SUNDAY - 23/02

MONDAY - 24/02

SATURDAY - 29/02

09:15 pm

10:20 pm

11:25 pm

00:30 am

01:35 am

02:40 am

03:45 am

Common questions
1 - What is the minimum age allowed for children to attend the parades?

A: In order to preserve the integrity of children's hearing systems, the Juvenile Court for Children and Adolescents of the Capital District of the State of Rio de Janeiro established the minimum age limit of 05 years (complete) for admission to the Sambódromo, during the carnival parades of 2016. The authorities may even require the presentation of the birth certificate of the child.

2 - Does the child pay? If so, is there any difference in value?

A: Yes, children pay tickets from the age of 05 (five) years. The child is entitled to half-entry, as long as accompanied by parents or guardians, in the sections of Special Bleachers, Popular and Individual Chairs. In Frisas, Cabins and Special Boxes, they must carry tickets, greater than 05 (five) years.


3 - What is allowed to carry in thermal bag? How much?

A: The viewer can take up to two (2) plastic containers of 500 ml with drink (water, juice, soda or beer) and up to 02 (two) food items (fruit, salty or sandwich). CONTINUOUS ENTRY OF ISOPORS, GLASS BOTTLES, BAGS, WEAPONS, SHIELDS, FIREPLACES AND SIGNALS IS PROHIBITED.


4 - Are there areas in the Sambadrome for handicapped people? If so, how do you get those tickets?

A: Yes, there are two areas exclusively for the physically disabled, namely:


FIRST: Next to the Apoteose Square, after the individual seats of Sector 13. There are 300 places available for Special Needs (PNEs) with the right to a companion. These tickets are free and distributed by the Association of PNEs, Riotur and City Hall of Rio de Janeiro. SECOND: Next to Sector 10 of the Sambódromo, space with capacity for 12 places. These tickets are usually sold at a price of R $ 500.00 (five hundred reais), with the right to take a companion. This value is equivalent to a place of frisa located in this same sector.


5 - What is the opening hours of the Sambódromo gates on official parade days?

A: At 6:30 p.m.


6 - Where to buy the CD of the sambas of plot of the Schools of Samba of the Special Group?

A: At Lojas Americanas and through the website

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